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Editor's Column

(Susan Small)


The stops are being pulled out to get this newsletter to you before the AGM on 23 September 1999. The HTML version is ready, it's now just a case of getting that converted onto paper and out to the printers. Unfortunately, I've just heard that we won't get the information about the contents of the cover CD until 20 September, so it seems unlikely now that you'll see this before the AGM -- please accept my apologies.

As hoped, the Talbot article in the last issue has prompted a number of responses and you can read these in the Soap Box section. Many of you will have known Richard Stevens from the tutorials he gave for both UKUUG and Usenix. It is with great sadness that we report his death and you will find the official notice elsewhere in the newsletter.

My thanks as always go to the small and dedicated band of reviewers who provide us with useful snapshots of the latest books etc. Thanks of course to Daf Tregear as well for getting the copy to me in good time. As well as the responses to the Talbot article on Amazon.com, the Soap Box section also contains an interesting piece by Langdon Winner about how/whether technology can enhance the quality of life.

Finally, we need to build up our band of book/product reviewers. If you are interested in contributing reviews to news@UK, then please let me, or Jane at Owles Hall, know what you would like to review.

Report from the Chair

(Lindsay Marshall)


Last issue I said that I thought that might be my last Chairman's Report - wrong again, but this one definitely is as I stand down at our AGM on the 23rd September. Eclipses herald great change, you see. If you can, please do come along to the meeting and make your views known to the Council. Also remember that we will have three Council vacancies to fill as two other members - Ted Harding and Adrian Wontroba - are having to resign because of pressure of work. I am sure that we would all like to thank them for their efforts over the last year, and we will need people of equal calibre to fill their places, so if you want to join the Council please get yourself nominated!

Since the last Newsletter we have had our Linux99 event, and our thanks go out to the members of the Oxford LUG who helped with the organisation and were a great part of the meeting's success. Everyone who took part was very satisfied. We hope that a Linux oriented event like this will now be a regular part of our annual calendar.

There are two commercial Linux events coming up at the end of September which you might be interested in - Linux 99* and Linux@Work. I'm in the chair for the first event so I'll see you there if you are going. (It overlaps with the AGM in fact so if you are coming to London to attend the conference, there is no excuse not to come to the AGM!) Also coming up is SANS London 1999 : The Information Security Conference (how do they think up these original names for conferences?) and members can get a discount if they mention the UKUUG when they register. Linux@Work is also offering a discount to UKUUG members.

I'm sure that there will be lots more Linuxy conferences coming up as the meme spreads and people start to see that there are alternatives to NT. The commercial side of Linux is going great guns in the USA and it is starting to take off in the UK too as people see the opportunities it provides. But, I do hope that some of the other flavours of UNIX will get a look in too - come on you FreeBSD people, make some noise!

I'll see you at the AGM.

* Late news: this event has been postponed until February, 2000.

News from Owles Hall

(Jane Morrison)


The last event organised by UKUUG was the LINUX Conference in June, which was held at Aston University. This was very successful with well over 100 delegates and we even had to turn away bookings as we couldn't get any more people in the room! A write up on the event should appear elsewhere in this Newsletter.

Our next event is the 'E-commerce' Conference - to be held on 2nd November in London. Details should have already been sent to you.

The Winter Conference is now in place for 13th & 14th December - the venue will be Queens College, Cambridge. This will be a residential event with a Conference Dinner on the evening of 13th December.

Have you subscribed to the UKUUG members mailing list yet? This list is used to keep you informed of all events and information relating to the UKUUG - if you would like more details please contact the Secretariat.

Hope to see you at the AGM on 23rd September.

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