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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Hello, I would appreciate it if the following information was made available to your members.

IBM has recently developed TopPage for Linux beta. TopPage is an award-winning WYSIWYG HTML editor which allows you to create dazzling Web pages in minutes without any HTML knowledge or programming skills. It includes all the tools necessary to create Web pages, including a WebArt Designer which lets you create logos and buttons, and a Web Animator which lets you create animation GIF files with just a few simple steps.

Now the Linux version (beta) is available. You can download it free from http://www.ibm.com/jp/toppage/ and use it until December 31, 2000.


Alex Akira Akiyama
Marketing Manager, Web Tools, YSL, SWG
IBM Japan

Dear Editor,

I have a redundant but fully working Silicon Graphics Iris Indigo system that I would like to dispose of. The details are as follows.
IRIX 6.2 100 MHZ IP20 Processor
CPU MIPS R4000 RIV 3.0 96 MB Memory
Integral Ethernet and SCSI Graphics LG1
System disc 268MB? second drive 1.8GB?
16" Silicon Graphics Monitor (Sony) Keyboard +mouse
I would like to sell the machine or swap for a Power Macintosh? Would this system be of any use to someone in your group?


Stephen W Morris

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