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Cover CD

Thanks to Andrew Macpherson for preparing this issue's cover CD. I asked members on our chat mailing list what they'd like to see on the cover CD and this CD contains the most popular suggestions. We couldn't include all the software suggested, but they may appear on a future CD.

As the CD is for our members, your views on the CD and possible content for the future issues is very important. Either contact me directly (david.hallowell@ukuug.org) or discuss ideas on our chat mailing list.

On this CD we contain the RFC collection as of the 1st December 2000, the Apache web server in its most up to date stable release as well as an alpha release of the forthcoming version 2.0. Other software includes Mozilla sources and binaries, OpenOffice (based on the StarOffice source code) source and binaries, BIND 9.0.1 (this is experimental but has A6 record support), recent Linux kernels, CVS (useful for checking out the latest versions of the Mozilla and OpenOffice source), MySQL, PHP4 and bzip2 (which offers a better compression that gzip and is needed to uncompress some other items on the CD).

We hope you find this CD useful and I look forward to hearing your comments on it.

David Hallowell

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