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Letters to the Editor

Dear Susan,

In the recent news@UK (vol9.3), there's a "Report on the Conference on Open Source in Education" with what I must say is a stunning comment, if it's accurately reported. Mrs Farrington "showed concern that there were no case studies of the advantages of Open Source in use." Firstly, I think there are (Powys, if I have the right Welsh region), but with a government that regularly wastes hundreds of millions of pounds on failed IT projects (Pathway alone was 878m!), surely the very least the DfEE could do would be to fund some case studies if that's what they want!!

The savings on MS licences would be huge, so investing (say) 5-10% of the potential savings would be a reasonable figure - just the kind of thing industry would do.


John Skelton

Dear Editor,

Linux Magazine UK (sister title to Linux Magazin, Germany) is searching for an editor to take the helm of this new monthly magazine. The magazine was launched in October and is based just south of Manchester. Right now it takes much of its content from the German-based titles which have been published for six/seven years. It is aimed at Linux professionals rather than newbies.

I would be very interested in trying to develop links with Manchester LUG and also to speak to anyone interested in vacancies at the magazine or writing on a freelance basis. We have a web-site at www.linux-magazine.co.uk which is really just a basic information site rather than an active commercial or community site. You'll find some more information there. This site will be developed during the first quarter of 2001. Take a look at www.linux-magazin.de for an impression of our mother company site.


Robin Wilkinson
Publishing Director
Linux New Media
Tel: 01625 855086
Mobile: 079 670 85799
Fax: 01625 855071

Dear Editor,

Our IT trainer popped one of her "rags" on my desk this morning, saying, "You're into the Linux thing". The rag in question, is ITtraining, and contains a three page article (and a front page mention). It's mostly about RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer) and the LPI (Linux Professional Institute).

The article is rather fluffy, but to be honest, I think the target reader is more the 'toe-dipper' than anyone else. There are a couple of case studies, and they basically went for Linux as a cost-saving exercise. Interestingly, one of the consultants/trainers mentioned is also a Microsoft Certified Trainer (errm - dunno how hard it is to meet the criteria though), which translates to him being well-poised to give advice on matters Linux and MS.

The article does also point out the blame factor, but (quite rightly) states that if something goes wrong, it's generally your fault, and there is always help from the open-source community.

There you go - short review of a review. Do I get my cookie now?

Rob Speed
Vickers (Laboratories) Ltd.
Grangefield Industrial Estate, Pudsey, Leeds LS28 6QW
Switchboard: +44 (0)113 236 2811 Fax: +44 (0)113 236 2703

All opinions are my own and ! Vickers. The nice thing about Windows is that it doesn't just crash. It displays a dialogue box and lets you click OK first.

User Friendly

User Friendly

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