Review of "Dr Linux"

By: Martin Houston
ISBN 1-885329-02-4
Available from: Lasermoon

This is a monster of a book! Over 1100 pages and and inch and a half thick. Quite simply it is the major works from the Linux Documentation Project printed out so you have them as a printed reference you can read in bed or on the train, or just to be able to have open as a reference while you work at your computer. If you want to get a lot of knowledge about Linux under your belt then paper is easier on your eyes than a computer screen.

It is also very interesting to see what a high quality of typesetting can be produced using the TeX - the free text processing system that is part of Linux.

The size of the book is a bit intimidating - it barley fits into a briefcase. I would rather have seen it as two or more smaller volumes to make it a bit more manageable.

The hefty size of book is explained by a very comprehensive contents:

Dr Linux is a great way to browse a good cross section of the documentation available for Linux. Everything in the book is available on the Net so if you have read something you can always go and get the current version off one of LDP archive sites just to scan it to see what has changed. In important thing is that the bulk of your reading will be with nicely typeset paper rather than struggling with those awful ghostscript on screen fonts!

The alternative to Dr Linux is to print the books out yourself. However if you are realistic about the running costs of your printer then you will find buying books of any size is always cheaper than trying to print them yourself! Whatever other single title Linux books you buy I would recommend getting Dr Linux as a comprehensive coverage of Linux.

Dr Linux is available from Lasermoon, the co-publishers. The normal price is 28.95 but there is a 20% discount for UKUUG members!