Linux SIG CD - the idea gathers momentum...

This message was posted to the net by Mick Farmer, Chairman of the UKUUG and seems to have stirred up a lot of enthusiasm for us doing our own Linux CD as discussed in the last issue of Linux@UK.
Subject: Linux CDs
Organisation: Department of Computer Science, Birkbeck College
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Date: Thu, 20 Apr 95 19:33:05 +0100
From: Mick Farmer 
Reply-To: Mick Farmer 

Dear Linuxers,

I've checked with our production team and I think we can
offer Linux CDs at a reasonable price (assuming a production
run of 1000):

A two-disk set in a plastic case containing all the Linux
goodies you can think of, plus anything else we can squeeze
onto the CDs, at 10 GB pounds per set.

If this interests you then let either myself or our Linux
SIG organiser, Martin Houston (,
know preferably be e-mail.  I hope that there is sufficient
interest for us to go ahead.


Chair, UKUUG
Response has been very positive so far. Lasermoon have offered to contribute a 'Lite' version of the new Linux-FT distribution for inclusion on the CDs and Glyn Davies %lt;> replied
> > Hi,
> > There's a large interest in Linux CD's here, particularly at a tenner a set,
> > 
> > What in particular are you intending to put on the CDs?
> > 
> We are open to suggestions! A basic distribution and hopefully some UK
> originated stuff that won't be on the US produced CDs.

Well, I'm currently putting together a disc now, with a couple of others,

Basically we've put the bulk of slackware on it, and the mcc distribution.
the windows sockets stuff for windows 3, (I look at it that people can then
connect to a Linux box :), a couple of kernel patches, and screen.

We've got over 300 megs free still on this, and should be filling it with
likewise useful things.

Would you be interested in considering this as one of the discs ?

Glyn D.

A 2 CD set is 1.3GB or thereabouts. We need ideas of packages to put on it - particularly if you are willing to be a custodian of the area that you recommend so that any updates and improvements can be fed into future releases of the archive.

We have made the design decision that compressed archives of material should be discouraged. I want this archive to be something that people can use 'find' and 'egrep' on to mine for information that they are interested in. I have been frustrated in the past by archives that require tedious mucking about and loads of hard disk space before you have any real idea of what a piece of software is for or what it does. CD archives should be easily searchable and random access.