Calling All Linux Local Group Enthusiasts!

Gareth Blades <> has volunteered to act as co-ordinator for people wanting to start up local chapters of the UKUUG Linux SIG.

In future issues we will cover what is happening where on the local group scene but for now follow these directions...

Below is shown the format of the established groups in the I maintain. If you have a local linux user group which is not mentioned in the list which is regurly posted to the linux-uk mailing lists then could you please fill in the details below and mail it back to me.

Club name:		
Club organiser:		
Club organiser email:	
Club mailing list:	
WWW site:		
Aprox no. of members:	
The latest version of the list is available from my WWW homepage shown below. Alternatively you should be able to obtain the document by ftp'ing to and getting the file:- ~blades/linux.usergroups


If any established user groups wish to have a WWW homepage and cannot obtain one from there local provider then I will be prepared to hold their page on my account. I only have a limited space available to me under my internet provider and therefore I would ask that the pages do not contain graphics other than the ones held on this system (see I would also prefer that each page is no longer than 5K.
Gareth Blades (
My homepage:-