The time has come to choose a Logo!

We now have four possible contenders for the Linux group Logo.

Now is your chance to say which choice you prefer. You have until the end of May 1995 to cast your votes. You can either do this to me by email Make the subject of your message "Logo vote " and just say which of the four entries you prefer. If you do not have email then you can write to the UKUUG Secretariat (address as on membership form) instead.

Entry 1 - Callum Potter

Attached are a couple of suggestions for a logo. These are in b/w X11 bitmap format - I don't have any fancy drawing tools that I could use to produce these in other output formats, though I could send tiff versions, though they would look the same. They are based on standard fonts, so better renditions can be had in, say, Postscript or using some other scaleable font. Black on white can be used for electronic generated documents. For letterheads I would propose dark blue on white, for merchandise (e.g. badges) I would propose silver on dark blue.
Callum Potter's First entry

Entry 2 - Callum Potter

Callum Potter's Second entry

Entry 3 - John Risby

Here is my effort. I hope this isn't way too big a file, 620x600, if it is I'll redo it smaller. I designed it in Corel Draw and then exported it as a GIF, but to get good enough detail I had to export at 1024x768 and then shrink it. I guess I'm doing something stupid but like I say, if it is too big I'll work on getting it smaller. It's 5:30am now so I'm off to bed.
John Risby's entry

Entry 4 - John Washington.

Here's my entry for the logo competition. It's a 'compromise' entry, in that it's not big enough for a T-shirt, and on the other hand, if you printed it at 1200 dpi to make it the right size for a letterhead logo then the obligatory wording would need a magnifying glass!

If you did use it as a basis for a letterhead, I would recommend the letterhead be designed as a whole. For example, I would start by moving the "SIG text", and use a larger point size, running it in a single line below the logo, or in such a way that it ties up visually with the address etc. And, of course, it would have to be laid out so as to be tasteful, attractive, eye-catching, yet just a little smaller than the editor's name. ;-) John Washington's entry


Which logo do you like the best. A good looking logo is important if we want to be able to spread the word about Linux at computer shows and in magazines.