NQS - Making Use Of Idle Workstations

Stuart Herbert : Academic Computing Services, University of Sheffield

In October, 1994, the University of Sheffield Academic Computing Services began providing help and support for installations of the Network Queueing System (NQS), as part of JISC's New Technologies Initiative.

The Network Queueing System

Users place their work into a queue, as they would with a printout. NQS takes the work out of the queue, and runs it on a suitable machine :

Limits can be placed on the resources that any submitted job can use, such as the amount of CPU time, or memory usage. You can also restrict how many jobs can run at a time on any given machine, allowing you to also maintain a usable interactive service.

Mailing Lists

There are two electronic mailing lists for NQS available via Mailbase. If you have never used Mailbase before, send the following message to mailbase@mailbase.ac.uk :
You will then receive further information about Mailbase.

World Wide Web

Our World Wide Web (WWW) server includes information about NQS. The URL is


This information is updated daily.


The source code to NQS is freely available, via ftp :


Further Development

We are continually improving NQS - announcements of new releases are posted to the NQS-Announce mailing list. We welcome all suggestions for new features for NQS.
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Stuart Herbert,
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