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Linux for Archie

From: Tim Chown <>
> Does anyone know the state of the Apple Mac port? Someone at the office
> has an ancient Mac LC and was interested. I know about the political imbargo
> on Apple but I understood the port was being done anyway.

For those interested we have quite a good port of Linux to the Archimedes up and running here. A third year student did it "for fun" (!) and has done what appears to be a very good job.

He'll be making it available soon for external testing. It includes most of the things you'd want ... device drivers, ethernet support, GNU C compiler, X11, nfs, ...

For full details e-mail me or check out Russ' web page at:

The FTP site is: under /pub/armlinux

The prerelease directory is currently not available, but the README is.

The code will be released under the GNU-type banner, so will be completely free. Acorn know about the port and have made some limited hardware available and given some s/w help.

Russ is leaving Soton this summer but his Acorn Linux archive will be here for quite a while as we view this port as a valuable addition to the Linux "movement".

Russ' email ID is