Pioneering Days

From Aug 22 18:08:13 1995
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 95 11:22:22 BST
From: David Barron 
Subject: Linux@UK: Letter to the editor
A couple of corrections to Dr Clark's reminiscences in the March/April issue.
  1. The first machine at Cambridge was the EDSAC, not "Morris's (M.V.W) machine" as stated. The EDSAC team was led by Maurice Wilkes: his initials were (and still are) MVW.
  2. The demonstration of time-sharing at Oxford in 1963 was a demo of CTSS (Compatible Time Sharing System), not Project MAC: this was an ARPA-funded research project at MIT group which took part in the development of Multics. Also, the Oxford demonstration wasn't the first: CTSS had been demonstrated by Wilkes and myself at the BCS conference at Edinburgh a year or two earlier, and before that a few of us had used CTSS at Cambridge courtesy of the GPO. All the demos used a 10 cps Telex connection.

Project Suggestion

By Kieth Dowsett

I've just read the first couple of editions of Linux@UK in HTML format and quite enjoyed them. I have a suggestion for a Linux project, unfortunately I have neither the skills nor the resources to implement. Below is an outline, if you would like a few hundred words of project outline to publish I'm quite willing to write them. If a similar project is already underway, just ignore me and I'll go away.

So far as I'm aware there is no Photo-CD manipulation package for Linux. (I haven't had time to run a complete search on yet though). This seems like an ideal project for a distributed team of developers because it is highly modular.


Once the first module is established and objects and data are available for testing, modules b,c,f & g can proceed independently. Once module c has an interface available the remaining modules can also proceed. It is this high level of modularity which makes this particularly suitable to parallel development.

Once the data structures and display have stabilised, the remaining modules can proceed at their own pace.

Just a few idle musings on a boiling hot friday afternoon, when I didn't want to work too hard.

Your comments would be appreciated,


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