Local Groups Update

Gareth Blades <gareth@blades.tcp.co.uk>

REVISION 06/08/95

Check out the new WWW based pages as they are kept very up to date and they include links to group homepages and others. You will need table support to read the pages though.
This is a list of all people who are interested in getting together to form a Linux club in their area.

If there are enough people in a particular area to form a group then they should contact each other directly.

Could you please inform me of any clubs that get started so that they can be listed as such in this list.

If you wish your details to be added or removed from this list then please email me at gareth@blades.tcp.co.uk. This list will be regularly posted to linux-uk-discuss. The latest version of this document can be obtained from a link off my homepage which is :- http://www.tcp.co.uk/~blades You can also get a copy of this text based version directly as:- http://www.tcp.co.uk/~blades/linux.usergroups. NOTE that you will have to use a web browser to get the file as my directory is not reachable by FTP

Location:		Manchester
Club name:		
Club organiser:		Ted Harding
Club organiser email:	Ted.Harding@umist.ac.uk
Club mailing list:	Man-LUG@mcc.ac.uk
WWW site:		http://www.mcc.ac.uk/John/Manlug.html
Aprox no. of members:	40

Location:               Reading (usually)
Club name:              Silicon Corridor Linux UG
Club organiser:         Alain Williams
Club organiser email:   addw@phcomp.co.uk
Club mailing list:      not yet known (will advise)
WWW site:               ditto
Aprox no. of members:   22

Name:		Gareth Blades
Email address:	gareth@blades.tcp.co.uk
Location:	Hampshire

Name:          	Craig Inglis
Email address: 	craig@lscope.demon.co.uk
Location:      	London (City)

Name:          	Jason Haar
Email address: 	j.haar@lazerjem.demon.co.uk
Location:      	Oxford

Name:          	Mike Houghton
Email address: 	ssuhough@reading.ac.uk
Location:	Reading, Bracknell, maybe Oxford

Name:          	Stuart Booth
Email address: 	stuart@garage.demon.co.uk
Location:       Guildford

Name:		Alain Williams
Email address:	addw@phcomp.co.uk
Location:	Reading

Name:		Bob Firth
Email address:	firth@troika.demon.co.uk
Location:	Kent

Name:      	Momcilo Vuckovic
Email address:	momo@moka.demon.co.uk
Location	London

Name:		Tony Sumner
Email address:	A.Sumner@reading.ac.uk
Location:	Reading

Name: 		Alan N Hunter
Email address: 	Alan.Hunter@brunel.ac.uk
Location: 	West London

Name:		Rob Willett
Email address:	rob@finale.demon.co.uk
Location:	London

Name: 		Pieter Meiring
Email address: 	p.d.meiring@sheffield.ac.uk
Location: 	Sheffield, South Yorkshire

Name:		David Metcalfe
Email address:	david@prism.demon.co.uk
Location:	Reading

Name:		Mark Wan
Email address:	mcw@doc.ic.ac.uk
Location:	Hammersmith, London

Name:		Phil Vossler
Email address:	p.j.vossler@ex.ac.uk
Location:	Exeter, Devon

Name:		Ian Jackson
Email address:	iwj10@cus.cam.ac.uk
Location:	Cambridge

Name:		Mike Lacey
Email address:	mike-l@hero-uk.demon.co.uk
Location:	Kegworth, Derbyshire

Name:		Michele Clamp
Email address:	michele@sg2.sbc.man.ac.uk
Location:	University of Manchester

Name:		Richard Giles
Email address:	rgiles@surface.fisons.co.uk
Location:	East Grinstead, W. Sussex

Name:		Timothy Towers
Email address:	tim@lorien.demon.co.uk / tzt@uniplex.co.uk
Location:	Dunstable during week, Newport Shropshire at weekend

Name:		Jonathan Nicholson
Email address:	 jono@acme.demon.co.uk	   
Location:	 Cambridge

Name:		Piers Lomax
Email address:  pie@dcs.warwick.ac.uk
Location:	Leamington Spa / University of Warwick.	

Name:		Callum Potter
Email address:	cpotter@ipsys.co.uk
Location:	Macclesfield, Cheshire

Name:		Mark Kuschnir
Email address:	mtk@majomaca.demon.co.uk
Location:	Rugby

Name:		Dr. A. O. V. LeBlanc
Email address:	LeBlanc@mcc.ac.uk
Location:	University of Manchester, Manchester

Name:		Nick Bruton
Email address:	Nick.Bruton@bristol.ac.uk
Location:	Bristol

Name:		Bob Goddard
Email address:	bob@ibrox.demon.co.uk
Location:	Edinburgh

Name:		P. Damian Cugley
Email address:	pdc@oxfordcc.demon.co.uk
Location:	Oxford

Name: 		Tony Bowers
Email address: 	bowers@cs.bris.ac.uk
Location: 	Bristol

Name:		Paul Bailey
Email address: 	srg008@coventry.ac.uk
Location: 	Coventry, UK.

Name:		Daniel F. Smith
Email address:	dfsmith@cr1.see.plym.ac.uk
Location:	Plymouth, Devon

Name:		Mark Fazakerley
Email address:	mark@fazak.demon.co.uk
Location:	Central London ( prepared to travel in M25)

Name: 		Michael D Clarkson
Email address: 	paco@faxil.leeds.ac.uk
Location: 	Leeds

Name:           Paul Johnston
Email address:  johnstonp@logica.com
Location:       Central London

Name:		Peter Collins
Email address:	Peter.Collins@src.bae.co.uk
Location:	Bristol

Name:		Yi Cao
Email address:	y.cao@ex.ac.uk
Location:	Exeter, Devon

Name:		Neil Woods.
Email address:	neil@stargate.lamp.ac.uk
Location:	Lampeter, Dyfed, West Wales.

Name:		James Ots
Email address:	csusi@warwick.ac.uk
Location:	Uni of Warwick

Name:		Edward Jankowski
Email address:	ejankowski@iddie2.demon.co.uk
Location:	Stevenage, Herts

Name:		Mike House
Email address:	house@summer.demon.co.uk
Location:	Maidstone Kent ME16 8BP

Name:     	Tim Barnes
Email adderess: Tim.Barnes@bristol.ac.uk
Location: 	Bristol

Name:		Dr David Clark
Email address:	MDPSSDC@fs1.scg.man.ac.uk
Location:	Manchester?

Name:		Dale Bulbrook
Email address:	dale@rusl.demon.co.uk
Location:	Sussex

Name:		Mike Newsome
Email address:	Mike.Newsome@epid.eurotherm.co.uk
Location:	Worthing, Sussex