ManLug meeting Speaker Steven Tweedie --Linux Free Systems

Report of our third meeting here in Manchester.
Reporter D.E.Clark

Held on 20th September 1995 in G9 Computer Building at MCC in between Fire Alarms. Yes we were turned out twice so it was not much of a joke, for the audience or the lecturer.

It was a Small audience, two members had travelled a considerable distance to be there, one had come from Bristol and the other from Southport on the Lancashire coast.

Steven out outlined his approach to the problem and the need to measure the performance of an operating system. What was meant by the terms. He divided the problem into two parts the processors and memory facilities and the disks, delving into the network needs as a side issue.

He outlined the various comercial approaches and showed really that to this observers way of thinking that commercial appraisal only happened after a research grant had been provided. He talked of the tunining systems that had been developed and that often a commercial appraisal was tuned for a particular job. He illustrated that although LINUX was as special case its performance was now very much better than when the first faltering steps were taken. I felt that the whole approach was extremely erudite and worthy of a lot of praise. I have been looking at operating systems myself since 1963 and the standard of work is of the highest in LINUX. Steven said that his lecture followed the line of the of his presentatation to the DECUS group.

After the 2nd Fire alarm those members of the audience who lived locally adjourned to a newly opened Chinese Restaraunt for a long disscussion of the pearls of wisdom from the north of the border. The end was declared at about midnight. Curious to note how many members were Radio Amateurs. Even the French PhD student from Salford Uni. was tarred with that brush.

I trust that this short report will be of use to you to say what is going on here in the north.

Yours Sincerely
Snr Res Fellow
Med Informatics.

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