Mathematica for Linux Press Release

August 4, 1995,
For Immediate Release

Mathematica now Available to Millions of Linux users

Wolfram Research Becomes the First Company to Offer A Premier Technical Software Product To the Linux Community.
Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, August 4, 1995
- Wolfram Research Europe Ltd. today announced shipments of Mathematica, the leading software system for technical computation, for the Linux operating system on PCs. With Mathematica running under Linux, users can take advantage of Mathematica's extensive numeric and symbolic capabilities, 2D and 3D graphics, a high-level programming language, and more.

Although it is difficult to chart the growing Linux-using population, there have been estimates of anywhere from one to nine million. Such estimates are not surprising since Linux is a freely-distributed operating system capable of turning an ordinary, inexpensive PC into a powerful computing environment. Linux-based PCs are in the homes of a growing number of technical users who recognise Linux as an affordable and powerful option for home computing.

"As home use of Linux-based PCs continues to explode, users are demanding industrial-strength applications on their machines," explains Prem Chawla, chief operating officer, Wolfram Research, Inc. "Mathematica brings comprehensive technical capabilities to this new breed of users."

Linux users will be impressed with Mathematica's speed and memory handling within the multi-tasking, multi-user Linux environment. Mathematica for Linux takes full advantage of the Linux preemptive scheduler and modern memory management. This results in an increase in speed, more efficient memory handling, and the ability to run more than one process at a time. Also, the Linux version of Mathematica includes support for MathLink via TCP/IP. MathLink, Wolfram Research's communication standard, lets users make seamless connections between Mathematica, their own applications, and other commercially available software. With MathLink it is possible to exchange information between Mathematica and other programs either on one machine or among several machines on a network.

Pricing and Availability

Mathematica 2.2 is now shipping for Linux and is priced at $1245 (GBP 825). Volume discounts, academic discounts and academic site licenses are available. For customer information or to purchase Mathematica for Linux, contact Wolfram Research Europe Ltd. on +44-(0)1993-883400, email or visit our Web site at

About Mathematica and Wolfram Research

Mathematica, the leading software for numeric, symbolic, and graphical computation, is used internationally by technical professionals in almost every area of scientific and technical computing. Its underlying, high-level programming language is becoming the language of choice among technical professionals and students. Mathematica is available on more than 20 systems, including Macintosh, UNIX, MS-DOS, OS/2 and Microsoft Windows.

Wolfram Research distributes Mathematica world-wide directly as well as through a variety of channels, including resellers, distributors, retail outlets and hardware vendors. For further information on Mathematica, contact Jon McLoone, Wolfram Research Europe Ltd on +44-(0)1993-883400, email

Wolfram Research, Inc., the developer of Mathematica, is a privately held company based in Champaign, Illinois, U.S.A. Founded in 1987, the company currently has nearly 200 employees.

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