Windows 95? No Thunk You!

Linux - 32 bit through and through!

That is what is says on a new T shirt available from the UKUUG Linux SIG. I designed the shirt as I found that you STILL can't seem to buy Linux collectables in the UK. I know that mouse mats, mugs, jackets and all manner of things are for sale in the US but you would have to be pretty committed to go through the rigmarole, red tape and expense of personaly importing such stuff.

A picture of me wearing the shirt

The shirt was inspired by an article in PC Plus magazine that went into the rather sordid details of all the 16 bit segmented code that is still relied upon by Windows 95 (DOS is still alive but is hiding in Virtual 86 mode).

Apart of course from the bootstrap and when running the DOS or Windows emulator Linux has no dependance on 16 bit mode that goes back 15 years or more to the original IBM PC. "Thunk" is the Microsoft technical term for the rather ineligant process of having to switch from 32 to 16 bit code and back again.

The T shirt as you can see also sports the Linux SIG Logo with a larger copy of the Logo in black across the back.

The shirts are high quality, pre shrunk cotton and are available from the UKUUG Secretariat for CONFIRM PRICE.

Be first to annoy your Windows 95 owning friends ;)

Large and Extra Large Sizes only are available. Call the UKUUG on 01763 273475.