Java for Linux

By Martin Houston

Java is the hottest new technology on the Web! The latest Netscape Navigator 2.0 web browser is Java aware so you can visit Java web sites under Linux. Although Java itself is not freely distributable software Sun has a reasonably relaxed attitude to other people developing Java compatible technology.

Java is interesting to the Linux community in that it promises a platform independent future for the Internet - not something that is chained to Microsoft.

If you are interested in Java and in particular the development of Java technology under Linux then the place to hang out is

You can join the mailing list by sending a message with the subject of subscribe to: This list is devoted to answering questions about the Java ports, how to use them, where to get them, and how to report problems. If you are a developer, and/or a Java programmer, a more specialised forum exists within the mailing list.

An ftp site has also been setup on '', for the distribution of related files. is the latest HOWTO for more info.

We hope to carry more about Java and how it compares to other software tools in the Linux armory in a future issue.

Sun's main java page is but it was far too busy for me to contact when I tried it!

Hot news for UK users!

The contents of and* are now mirrored in the UK in That's, in case anyone cares.

Mirroring happens daily at about 6am UK time (that's GMT at this time of year)