Kent / East Sussex Linux SIG meeting

From Bob Firth

The inaugural meeting of the Kent & East Sussex Linux SIG took place on 1st August at the Royal Wells Inn in Tunbridge Wells, where we took advantage of the comfy chairs in the bar. Five people attended, which really wasn't bad seeing as though it was the height of the holiday season. Graham Biswell made the rest of us green with envy when he told us about his idyllic life style working with a laptop on the beach at Worthing. Richard Giles told us how he has been using Linux systems as Internet servers in Fisons Instruments. At the end we all agreed it had been useful, and that we would meet again in three months time. I look forward to seeing more people then.

I know it's a bit brief, but there's really not much more to say about this first meeting. I would be interested in ideas and suggestions for future meetings. I will probably have another go around March. I'll let you know when something happens.