Affordable Internet

By Martin Houston

The price of Internet leased lines is taking another lurch towards US levels of afford-ability!

Demon Internet's latest charges are 600 per month for a 64k bits/sec line. (plus 1,000 for installation). Putting into perspective against the cost of 'getting there' yourself: That's only 40 quid a month more than I was paying for a Birmingham to London 2nd class season on good old BR!

At that price hooking up my Linux box to the net on a permanent basis if a true ability to work (i.e be paid for it) from home resulted from it looks almost viable. If someone can bring the price of a permanent, reasonably high speed link for less than a hundred a week then I and I would guess many other professional computer users would be tempted to get hot wired into the net and say goodbye forever to modem aggro!

Once leased lines reach the magic price points to attract all serious net users the market for them will explode.

With technologies like secure shell together with the continuing cloud hanging over the traveling expenses status of consultants in a few years time we will probably consider the requirement that computer using staff travel 'in person' to work every day amazingly primitive.

If everybody that worked with computers in our economy could do the equivalent of one or two days a week of that work from home just think what a difference it would make to the congestion on our roads?

Good try Demon, well on the right (downwards) direction!

Martin Houston.