Organise and Delegate!


The current setup of the UKUUG Linux SIG is that Andrew Lack does layout of the paper newsletter, Gareth Blades handles local group co-ordination and I do just about everything else :(

We are having an increasing swell of publicity for Linux in the next few months.

I really think that the UK Linux community has the potential to grow to tens or even hundreds of thousands of active members. We would like the UKUUG Linux SIG to have a leading part in bringing about the 're-education' of the professional computer using industry away from the 'Microsoft is everything' attitude.

There are many aspects of my job at the moment that would need to be delegated as growth of the group makes them more demanding and also to do those jobs well enough to facilitate even further growth.

I am opening up the discussion with some suggested job titles in a tree of sub tasks that as we grow in size as a volunteer organisation would have to be further delegated.


This is published both as a Web version and also as a printed newsletter. The Web version is open to anyone but the printed newsletter is important as a tangible benefit for UKUUG subscribers. The Web version comes first, when it is finalised Andrew Lack does the conversion into printed form using Latex. What is needed is more creative effort on the Web page production side. We need regular columnists who are willing to commit to an article for each issue. We need copy editors that can give detailed consideration to individual articles and perhaps work with the original authors to get them even better. Should we take advertising in the newsletter? It will raise extra revenue but does it compromise objective reviews? Anyone got any opinions?


We ain't got the billion dollar budget that Microsoft has. The visibility of Linux to the general computer using public is tiny, but growing fast. What we need are ways of getting publicity that don't cost a fortune (or anything at all). The jobs can be subdivided into several aspects which could be done by different people if the workload justified it.

Linux Point of Sale Info

For people that already know that they want Linux the best place to tell them about the SIG is where they buy their Linux CDs and Linux Books. This would need someone to liase with CD & Book publishers down to individual shops and mail order operations.

Academic Liaison

Somebody within the academic community is needed to make sure that academic computer users are aware of the choice that they have in Linux and the UKUUG Linux SIG that they can join. Some universities such as Warwick are already hot-beds of Linux use. Others maybe need to be convinced still?

Software Industry Liaison

Microsoft dumped on a whole load of developers by cajoling them for years to write new software for OS/2 only to desert it themselves!

This has left many software developers extremely nervy about writing products for anything other than Windows. What we want to encourage is an attitude of dual target development for both X Windows/ncurses text mode and Microsoft Windows.

Linux has meant that there is now a colossal mass market for X Window software. Software developers don't have to 'sell their soul' and commit to a Microsoft OS only policy.

Computer Press Liaison

Just to get more frequent coverage of Linux related issues in the computer and general media. Linux distributions and application software onto various magazine cover disks etc.

Political Lobbying

With the Super Highway coming onto the political agenda we want to make sure that Linux as the freely available access software for the net is given proper consideration rather than Microsoft winning by default and possibly millions of our taxpayers money swelling Bill Gate's pockets if a general public access infrastructure is implemented.

Anyone else got any ideas what we should be doing.?