Letter from Barry Pilgrim

Dear Sirs;

Thanks for your prompt reply & info - choice of newsletter March/April 95 was appreciated. Good item on large IDEs and the item on FT was very enlightening.

I have solved my install problem: anyone using a larger than 504 meg Western Digital Caviar drive will probably use the default install and have Ontrack disk manager 6.x to look after the big disk issues. Version 6.x is incompatible with both Linux and OS/2. This software is difficult to get rid of! Its not just a matter of a DOS fdisk & format. I will respond with detailed instructions if required.

I remember with fondness CP/M 2.2 years ago; in particular ED the line editor (and other facilities) were quite powerful but very unfriendly. Ordinary mortals I know using Windows consider MSDOS to be too unfriendly to be of any use!

Before Linux I rarely used windows at all (it was handy to send/receive background faxes). But in these early days in my experience with Linux (still slight) seems unfriendly to the point where folk have taken a degree course in unfriendliness ;-(.

I hasten to add this is not meant in a negative way, but just to hi-light how most MSDOS users would see Linux. Supposing you had never used MSDOS and wanted to edit a text file then 'edit myfile' would do it. And the editor would not be too difficult to figure out. Now with that in mind boot Linux for the first time and try 'vi myletter' (or whatever). My first time, after 20 minutes of trying to quit I had to do a reboot (ugh!). Of course I could have switched consoles and called up man pages... but at that stage it never occurred to me.

The tutorial in "Getting started with Linux" was a great help, and without the editor JOE I feel I would not have made it this far. For my own use I am trying to develop simple text files listing the key presses required for various major programs. It's not so much command line syntax, man pages are fine for that; its what to do when in the program. I am running DJGPP in MSDOS to try to help in this regard.

With the World being taken over by Windows :-( there is nowhere else to go. Having a Windows User Group meeting would be like having an 'I watch TV' user group. I feel very strongly that Gnu and F.S.F. philosophy and approach will produce an increasing revolution in computing especially at the PC end. I do a little C & Pascal myself but I'm only like a 5 year old playing logo when it comes to what has been accomplished by teams of GNU programmers. It is, that, I can see the tremendous power of both the system and the tools provided, that drives me on what seems like an exponential learning curve.

Yours Sincerely
Barry Pilgrim.